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General Information About Corn Production in Alabama

Around 230,000 acres of corn has been planted each year for grain production in Alabama over the last decade.  Corn is grown as a part of crop rotation systems that include cotton and peanuts.  Although corn is planted throughout most regions of Alabama, the majority of production is located in the north with six counties (Lawrence, Madison, Limestone, Jackson, Lauderdale, and Colbert) providing more than 50 percent of total corn acreage (Figure 1).  Central and southern counties like Talladega, Baldwin, Coffee, Escambia and Houston provide only 12 percent of the Alabama cornacres.


average corn production Figure 1. Alabama Corn acres harvested by county in 2010. (Click here for Large Map)

Corn yields in Alabama have fluctuated over the last 10 years without a defined trend (Figure 2).  The average yield over this time period is 104 bushels per acre per year; however, higher yields were reported between the years 2003 and 2005. Low yields were observed in 2000 and 2006 and were associated with prolonged hot and drought conditions during the summer.

Figure 2.  Corn production in Alabama during the past decade. (Click here for Large Image)  

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2012 On-Farm Corn Hybrid Performance:

Variety Test Reports***** from trials conducted by Dr. Brenda Ortiz and REAs Brandon Dillard, Eric Schavey, Christy Hicks, and Rudy Yates.

Corn Disease Situation:

Read the June 11 2012 Southern Rust Alert***** from Pioneer and Dr. Austin Hagan's Corn Disease Update******.

2012 Corn Management Webinars

Dr. Brenda Ortiz' webinar series on Corn Management can be found at Corn Management Webinars.

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Performance of Bt Corn in Alabama in 2011

There are different kinds of Bt corn,* depending on which Bt genes have been inserted into the corn using molecular engineering. Some Bt genes protect against stalk borers, others help prevent leaf and ear damage from various caterpillars including corn earworm and fall armyworm. Still other genes protect the roots from western corn rootworm. These genes are bundled together in various combinations, with or without herbicide tolerance genes. Read More Here

Results from the 2011 Alabama Corn-On farm Trials

Seven Corn On-farm trials were harvested in 2011. The trials were planted in various farmer's fields located in Southeast, Central and North Alabama. Support from the Alabama Wheat and Feed Grain Committee and various Seed Companies, and cooperating farmers was received for the conduction of these trials. Results can be found at 2011 Corn On-Farm Trials******.