Precision Agriculture

Precision Ag Lessons

With crop production costs at record highs, you must get the most out of every bag of seed, every jug of crop protection product and every tank of fuel. It is essential that you adopt Precision Agriculture technology to get the highest return out of the money you spend to make a crop.

Welcome to Precision Agriculture. These nine lessons are funded by the Alabama Soybean Producers and the Alabama Wheat and Feed Grain Producers. Campus link

You can also go to eXtension Campus and register to take Precision Ag courses online.

  1. Precision Agriculture is more than adopting GPS technology, it’s about whole farm management with the goal of optimizing returns and preserving resources.
    2014 Precision Agriculture – Overview

  2. Understanding the basics of GPS / GNSS this video lesson shows how they provide location for precision ag technology.
    2014 Precision Agriculture – GPS/GNSS

  3. In this video Dr. Fulton describes the importance of GPS based guidance systems for the farm.
    2014 Precision Agriculture – Guidance Systems

  4. This video gives an overview of variable rate technology (VRT).
    2014 Precision Agriculture – Variable Rate Technology

  5. In this module Dr. Fulton gives an overview of automatic section control technology in Precision Agriculture.
    2014 Precision Agriculture – Automatic Section Control Technology

  6. This video describes why the backbone to farm site-specific management is yield monitoring.
    2014 Precision Agriculture – Yield Monitoring

  7. In this module Dr. Fulton tells how to enable site-specific management at the farm level with yield mapping.
    2014 Precision Agriculture – Yield Mapping

  8. Farming square feet rather than square miles – this lesson gives an overview of grid vs. zone based approaches to site-specific crop management.
    2014 Precision Agriculture – Site Specific Management

  9. This lesson outlines the steps needed for soil and fertility mapping that enables growers to successfully manage crop fertilizer and lime applications.
    2014 Precision Agriculture – Soil Fertility