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Creative Bloq's Guide to Adobe CC Software

The Auto-Align Tool In Browserlab

Scott Fegette introduces the new auto-align feature in BrowserLab, a powerful tool that automatically aligns screenshots to a specific point of the page, to zero-in on discrepancies between browsers.

Adobe Air for TV!

Principal Product Manager Aditya Bansod shows games and HD video running on Adobe AIR for TV.

Adobe Demos Flash-to-HTML5 Conversion Tool

Adobe already offers HTML5 plugins for Illustrator CS5 and Dreamweaver CS5. Adobe also offers an Illustrator CS5 export tool for HTML5 and JavaScript. What makes this Flash tool different is that it not only supports animations, but elements within those animations. Watch the demonstration video to get an idea of how users will be able to take elements from within the newly converted HTML5 code to re-insert elsewhere on a web page.

Watch the video...

Use Adobe Fonts in Your Own Web Designs

Adobe fontsClipped from Mashable :

Typekit, a company doing its part to help bring better typography to the web, has just announced an new partnership with Adobe.

The partnership means that Typekit users can now integrate famous fonts like Myriad, Cooper Black and Adobe Garamond into their own sites and designs.

Adobe took the time to optimize and hint its collection of fonts for the screen, ensuring that type looks its best. The web fonts support the same languages and scripts as their counterparts on the desktop.

WOFF as a Standard

Clipped from Mashable :

The Web Open Font Format , or WOFF, is edging ever closer to becoming the de facto standardized format for using fonts on the web.

Backed by Mozilla, Opera and Microsoft, WOFF allows TrueType, OpenType or Open Font Format fonts to be embedded into web pages.

Right now, WOFF support is built into Firefox 3.6 and above, Google Chrome version 5 and above, Internet Explorer 9, and will be supported in upcoming versions of Safari.

Captivate video conference Today 9/29 @ 12:00 noon

Sorry for the late notice but there will be a live video conference with Adobe on Captivate from 12:00-1:00 in the Duncan Hall Conference room. I hope to see you there.


Discover timesaving image-editing features in Dreamweaver CS5

If you're like me, you've been wishing for some time that they would integrate the basic image editing tools that are in Contribute back into Dreamweaver so we don't have to stop and go out to Photoshop or Fireworks every time we want to crop or resize an image. Well now we can.

Under the hood with Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2

A great article from Adobe's EDGE Newsletter covering performance, security, networking, desktop integration, etc.

Adobe EDGE News Video: Preparing for HTML5

Preparing for HTML5: In this video, Managing Editor Julie Campagna interviews Paul Gubbay, VP of engineering at Adobe, to get perspective on HTML5: Is it ready for primetime? Who's using it and why? And how is the Dreamweaver team supporting users who are eager to explore HTML5 today?

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