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Interested in Learning Flex?

Troy and I are planning to work on Flex on Monday November 20 in my office in Haley 9030B. If you are interested in setting up a development environment or working on some basic projects, let me know.

SQL Question

I am trying to write a query that will return all Authors associated with a specified county. For this to work with the current database design, the query must find a county named “Dale” in the following text field:

  • Fort Rucker, Coffee and Dale Counties: civilian employment
  • Ozark, Dale County: adult residence
  • Fairhope, Baldwin County: adult residence

Passing the following query a url variable, “…/county.cfm?CountyName=Dale” accomplishes the task:

SELECT AuthorTitle,AuthorID,AuthorFirst,AuthorLast
FROM Authors
WHERE AuthorCounties LIKE'%#Arguments.CountyName#%'
ORDER BY AuthorLast,AuthorFirst

Flex 2 Educational Pricing

I checked on educational pricing for Flex2 in the Bookstore today. The quote was $99. Takes 3-5 days shipping.


If you are working with ColdFusion, look into this one. Some of you may have worked with or heard of Fusebox. Version 5.0 is now available. It is a proven product, has been around for a while, and is widely used. If you are looking for something a little more OO, maybe you've tried Model-Glue. If you don't like working with xml files, take a look at this one ...CFWheels. CFWheels is one of the newest frameworks (currently version .52). CFWheels is the ColdFusion version of Ruby on Rails. It uses the same terminology, performs the same type of operations (complete with scaffolds), but with ColdFusion under the covers.

Adobe Developer Week

If you haven't made plans to participate in Adobe Developer Week, you should take a look at some of the offerings. The Breeze presentations will be held June 12 - 16. All you need to do is to check the schedule and sign-up!

If anyone is interest in attending together, we can try and coordinate a meeting place. I'll be trying to attending all presentations, (about 3 hours per day).

Adobe Developer week

Spry Framework

Adobe has recently released the Spry framework. If you have an interest in AJAX, you should take a look at this. Spry uses a couple of .js files that effectly hide a lot of the detailed javascript. Spry creates javascript objects that can be easily called. Using an XML file as a data source, Spry can help you define a data set that can easily be displayed and managed on a standard html page. For more information go to:

BusinessWeek Reports on the Merger

Read a recent BusinessWeek article about the Adobe-Macromedia merger.

World-class CSS Training

Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer will be in Atlanta on April 3 for an all day CSS workshop at Turner Field.
According to the website,

"the event is a concentrated, one-day learning session that will change the way you approach web design. You will learn how to:

* Design, write, and structure your site to communicate clearly and effectively.
* Let user needs and business goals guide redesigns, and get buy-in from bosses and clients.
* Separate your site’s underlying structure from its visual presentation.
* Translate even the most sophisticated and complex visual designs to CSS layout.

Flex 2.0 beta

I downloaded Flex 1.5 maybe a month ago. I haven't had time to check it out. Yesterday, I saw many blog entries about Flex 2.0 beta. The latest pricing schemes got me excited about the possibility that we might be able to afford this product.

If you have followed the product's development, you might know that it creates .swf files using xml and javascript. You might also know that the price for the server is over $12,000!

The news of earlier this week is exciting because the new pricing scheme will mean that the server will be free and the IDE called Flex Builder 2 will sell for under $1000!

Ben Forta at Atlanta ColdFusion Users Group

Ben FortaColdFusion Product Evangelist, Ben Forta, will be the guest speaker at the March 15th ACFUG meeting. His book, ColdFusion Web Development Kit was recently voted Best Book by ColdFusion Developers Journal. He will be speaking on Flex 2.0. Details to follow.

Ben's web site is:

Atlanta ColdFusion Users Group's web site is:

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