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Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA)

If you’re not familiar with Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA), you should check it out.

Why? Well, there are hundreds of websites out there dedicated to development and design using Macromedia technologies. These sites publish hundreds of posts and articles of interest to Macromedia developers. Rather than trying to keep up with hundreds of different sites, MXNA 2.0 lets you get all that information in once place. MXNA also makes finding the information you need extremely efficient with features like smart categories and advanced search option.

MXNA 2.0 is the second version of the Macromedia XML News Aggregator. It is an XML (primarily RSS and Atom) feed aggregator written in ColdFusion that allows readers to monitor almost 700 different Macromedia related weblogs and news sources, all in one place. The service now contains more than 70,000 posts! The URL is:

<CFSCRIPT> Part 2 Using if and else statements in flow control

For simple flow control you could use <CFSCRIPT> along with the if and else keywords. Here is an example:

first_name = "Sam";
if(#first_name# eq "Sam") {
    WriteOutput("Hello #first_name#");
} else {
    WriteOutput("Hello Stranger!");

Here's the explanation:

Set the value of the variable first_name to "Sam". Following "if", the condition is enclosed in parentheses. Each line of code end with the semicolon (;). If the condition inside the parentheses is met, the code inside the curly braces is executed.

<CFSCRIPT> part 1

What is <CFSCRIPT> and why should I use it? Well, this tag has been around since version 4. If you are familiar with scripting languages such as JavaScript, you may find it easier to write much of your ColdFusion code in a similar syntax.

There are 3 types of coding that may be used inside the <CFSCRIPT> and <\CFSCRIPT> tags.
1. Instead of the <CFSET> tag you assign a value to a variable, use cfscript.
2. For flow control use <CFSCRIPT> instead of <CFIF> or <CFSWITCH> tags.
3. Statements using ColdFusion functions or User Defined Functions UDFs.

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