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Need input on AMMUG forums rearrangement

Folks, I'd like to simplify the AMMUG forums so that they are more useful to everyone. Right now I think we have too many different forum categories.

Maybe we can reduce them to just three. I was thinking of having these categories: 1) General Discussion, 2) Using Applications, and 3) Building, Coding and Programming. There's really no need for the Announcements and Website forums because those topics can be handled through blogs (which I've made go directly to the front page.)

The General Discussion area would be a catch-all forum for non-technical talk about various topics. The other two forums would break down technical discussions into using pre-built applications (such as Acrobat, Dreamweaver, etc.), and building things (with HTML, JavaScript, ColdFusion, PHP, Flex, etc.) What are your thoughts on this issue?

-- Richard

Re: Need input on AMMUG forums rearrangement

I think your suggestions would work fine. We're small enough of a group to have fewer choices.

That works for me.

That works for me.

Works for me too

I have no problem with having three forums.

Michael Stone
Membership Chair