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Creating a Meeting Room for the First Time

If a meeting room has already been created once, users can simply re-enter the room at any time to begin another meeting.


Creating a Meeting Room for the First Time


After obtaining an Adobe Connect Meeting Creator license from your Adobe Connect Contact, follow these steps to create a meeting room for the first time:


Log on to the Meeting Manager interface on the Adobe Connect server:

On the Meeting Manager Home Page, click the "New Meeting" link
Only faculty and staff who have been assigned an Adobe Connect Meeting Creator license will see this link.

New Meeting Link

Give the meeting a name and description
You may also assign a custom URL if you would like to. Custom URL's must be unique across the system. If you don't specify a URL, Adobe Connect will assign one for you.

Select the meeting start time and length
The start time and length are simply when the link to the meeting becomes visible on the attendees' Meeting Manager Home Page. Once a meeting is created, it is available for use at any time, 24/7, whether it has been scheduled or not.


Select a template for the meeting
If this is the first meeting you are creating or you haven’t created a custom template, select "Shared Templates/Default Meeting Template" from the dropdown menu. This will set up your meeting with the default template. You can later customize the layout and save it as a template.

Set the attendee "Access" option
There are two options for how attendees will be granted access to the meeting room:

  • Only registered users and accepted guests may enter the room
  • Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room (recommended)

Allowing only registered users access to the room is generally not recommended. Meeting Hosts or Presenters must explicitly add all the approved attendees to the "Current Participants" list, and attendees will only be eligible for the list if they have logged into the Adobe Connect server before. If an approved participant is not added to the Current Participants list, Hosts (only) must be present in the meeting room and explicitly allow all the "accepted guest" to enter.


Allowing anyone who has the meeting URL access to the room is generally recommended. To invite participants, the meeting creator simply notifies everyone of the URL and the time and date for the meeting. To enter the meeting, participants only need to enter the URL in their browser and log in to the system using their Auburn Global ID or Friends of Auburn ID.


If you use this option, however, be sure to distribute the URL only to people who should be meeting in that room. If uninvited guests enter a meeting room, a Host must be present to remove them from the room. Also note that when using this choice for setting up a meeting, the meeting is considered "open" and all the content is available for anyone to view through the Adobe Connect Search tool. The Search tool, located at the top of the Meeting Manager interface, searches across all open meetings for content relevant to the search term(s) and displays a list of all of matching files.


Do NOT include audio conferencing
Audio conferencing is NOT an option with the Auburn Adobe Connect license. If you would like to use the telephone for voice communication during your Adobe Connect meeting, please set up the conference call through Telecom.

Do NOT Use the Adobe Connect Audio Conferencing Feature

Click the "Next" button to continue to the "Select Participants" screen
If you selected "Only registered users and accepted guests may enter the room" on the previous screen, you will either need to add the names of all attendees to the "Current Participants" list here, or a Host will need to be present at each meeting to allow attendees to enter as they try to log on.

Users with valid Auburn Global IDs or Friends of Auburn can be added to the "Current Participants" list -- however, they must first log on to Adobe Connect to activate their account so their IDs will appear in the column on the left.

Click the "Next" button to continue to the "Send Invitations" screen
The Send Invitations screen will allow you to notify participants of the meeting URL. Only the participants on your meeting "Participant List" will receive the message if you use this feature.

If you choose not to use this feature, make a note of the meeting URL and click the "Finish" button.