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Dreamweaver Killer Tips Page 4 - Finding & Replacing Specific Tags

Finding and Replacing Specific Tags

  • Dreamweaver’s Find and Replace allows you to
    Search for Specific Tags
    – Find and replace any tag
    – Find and replace a tag with or without specified
    attributes (optional)
    – Find and replace tags based on if it is inside another
    tag or if it contains another tag or text
  • Find any tag, yes any tag
  • ColdFusion is tagbased!


Always make a backup of affected files before any Find
and Replace operation just in case

1. Perform the search (Choose Find All)



Use Find and Replace for more than simple
– Strip tags
– Remove tag contents only
– Change to a different tag
– Remove attributes
– Add or change attributes
– Add code before or after the tag


  • Bring back the Find and Replace dialog by
    clicking the green arrow on the left of the
    Results panel
  • In the list of search results in the Results panel
    – Ctrl+click (Cmd+click) individual noncontiguous results
    – Shift+click once and then a second time to select all
    results between and including the ones you selected
    using Shift+click
  • Choose Replace (I said Replace, not Replace All) in the
    Find and Replace dialog
  • The files that are modified get marked by a green dot to
    the left of the filenames in the Results panel