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Convert a Meeting Room to a Template

If you area Host, you can create a new meeting room template.  To add a meeting room to the Shared Template folder you must have manage permissions for the folder.  By default, you have full control over meetings and templates in your user meetings folder.   

1.  From the Meetings tab in Acrobat Connect Pro (, navigate to the meeting room you want to convert.



2.  Select the checkbox next to the meeting room.



3.  On the navigation bar, click Move

Two columns are displayed in, the name of the meeting room is on theleft column.  In the right column, under the heading Move to This Folder, user Meetings > [YOUR ACCOUNT], is selected by default. If this is the folder you want to use skip to step five.



4.  Navigate to and select a template folder, such as the Shared Template folder


5. Click Move at the bottom of the column.

Your meeting room now resides in the template folder that you selected.  The template is added to the list in the apprpriate folder.

When you create a meeting with the New Meeting Wizard, you can select the template that you just created from the Select Template menu.  You can customize this room jsut like any other room to meet you needs.  Once the meeting is created, you cannot apply a new template to it.  Instead you must create a new meeting by using the ne template.