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How To Generate Meeting Reports

The repots feature lets you create reports that show you a given meeting from several perspectives.

To use this feature, navigate to teh meeting information page or an individual meeting and click on the report link.

 This displays links that lets you define the following information:


Summary:  Shows aggregate information on the meeting, this includes;

  • URL for viewing 
  • Unique sessions -- a single instance in which a given users has joined and exited
  • The last time any single invitee entered the meeting room
  • Number of people invited
  • Number of people who attended
  • Greatest number of people in the room (Peak Users)

By Attendee: Lists name and e-mail of each meeting participant as well as the time they entered and left the room.

By Session: Lists the start and end time of each session, the session number, and the number of attendees.  Clicking on the session number displays the participant list for this session, including name and entry and exit times.

By Questions: Lists each Poll by session number, number, and question. Select a view by clicking one of the following options under the report column.

  • "View answer distribution" displays a pie chart in which each answer is color-coded with a unique color.
  • "View user responses" provides an answer key that lists each question for this poll and its corresponding answer number; these numbers map to the pie chart.  This option also shows a list of all the participants who responded in this poll and the number of the answer they selected.