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Anyone going to MAX?

Darrell Crutchley and I are looking for a 3rd person to sign up for the educational discount registration for MAX. If interested, please contact me.
Sam Singer

More pricing info for Education and Discount Code

Greetings Sam:

Thank you for your interest in Adobe MAX 2008. We do not offer the 3 for 2
pricing discount that was offered last year.

We are pleased to offer our government, education and nonprofit communities
a discounted price for the full pass for MAX 2008. The registration fee of
$995 is a savings of $300 off the early bird pricing of $1295.

The registration code is GEN884. You will need this code to begin your
registration and to guarantee the registration fee of $995 for the full

Please note: the government, education and nonprofit registration code
cannot be combined with the group discount. The group discount is $1,095
for the full event pass and $595 for the pre-event labs, with a three person
group minimum. Unlike the the government, education and nonprofit discount
for the pre-event lab, the group discount does not provide any cost savings.

Additionally, we are pleased to provide a $100 savings for the pre-event
labs, offered on Sunday, November 16. The $495 price is available,
regardless of purchase date, and the registration code GEN884 will enable
the discount during your registration.

There is no discount for the pre-event session pass: it remains $199
regardless of purchase date.

If you were to sign up for the full three-day pass during the three
different price dates, the government, education and nonprofit price is
$995, regardless of purchase date, which is a significant savings as
outlined below.

Early bird pricing for full pass: $1295
Regular pricing for full pass: $1495
Onsite pricing for full pass: $1695

There is no discounted price for the government, education and nonprofit
communities for the two-day pass, which is $995 or the one-day pass, which
is $595, regardless of purchase date.

Let us know if you have any further questions. We'd be happy to try and
answer them.

Thank you & Kind regards,

Adobe MAX 2008 Registration Team
Kim Pasket, registrar