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Dreamweaver Templates - Editing a template & updating pages

Editing a template and updating pages

When you edit a template, you can choose to apply the changes to all pages that use that template. For example, to change the identity graphic for the E-zine site on all sample pages in the site, change the graphic in the template and direct Dreamweaver to update the pages in the site that use the template.

For most changes, editing a template is like editing any page in a site. You add, delete, or modify the content of the template. Editing a template differs from editing other pages because you can define new editable regions, or lock editable regions.

To edit a template:

1 Choose Window > Templates.

2 In the Templates palette, double-click the template.

3 In the document window, select an item in the template you want to modify. The Property inspector displays properties for the selected object, including the filename.