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Default Website Theme Changed

We have changed the default website theme to ammug-default, which is a copy of the "pushbutton" theme with some minor modifications. The new theme has a lighter feel, as well as looking more professional. On the down side, the font sizes seem to be really large in some cases. We hope to resolve this a little later by editing the theme's CSS. -R

Looks good!

The new theme looks great (but it also looked good before)! I need to find some quality time to take in all the hard work you've been doing...and start learning.

As for large fonts, can you utilize this module to toggle large/compact views?

They use something like that on (blue "A", right side). :-D


Thanks for the comment and links! I've reduced most of the font sizes in the theme's CSS, but there are still a few to go. I think I just need to set a base size, and then find a way to increase or decrease from that. It's amazing how much time can be used tweaking small things in CSS! :-)

-- Richard

just right

font size looks great now, Richard!

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