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Idea for new forum

Can we add another forum under the technical section called Webpage Design.  The focus of the forum would be to discuss tips/tricks and ideas related to the designing and coding of webpages for both computers and handheld devices including graphics, layout, usability (ADA compliance, etc.), quality control, etc. I'm also thinking of creating a books specifically related to the areas covered. Would anyone be interested in this sort of thing?   

Webpage Design forum is a good idea

I'll create the new forum right now. Thanks for the suggestion! -R

I would be interested in a

I would be interested in a forum on that. I am not the most talented coder, but I do have some experience. I would also be interested under the same topic of linking PDF files to databases. So that people could input the information into a pdf file, and it would safe in a mysql database.


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Starting forum topic for PDF data saving

I've thought about the same thing with PDFs. I'm going to make an Acrobat forum, too. You can post your question there to start the discussion.

-- Richard