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Connecting pdf files to a database.

I would be interested in linking PDF files to a database. Basically I want people to be able to input the information into a pdf file, and it would safe the information to a mysql database. Also would like the possiblity of pulling the information back up into the pdf's again.

The main reasons for wanting this is so Administrators can type up the inforation in Word, or wordPerfect then I could transfer it to a PDF, and the file would be EXACTLY as they wanted it. It would give a very uniform view of the data that students and faculty input. This was done at three different times so I hope it makes sense.


Saving PDF data and Making PDF files on the server

I think it's possible to create a PDF form that posts to a URL. The data format is XML I believe. The receiving program just has to either save the XML directly to a single database field, or parse the XML and put the contents in multiple fields in a database record.

Pulling the information back up into a PDF can be handled by a program on the server that creates PDFs. The expensive route is to buy Adobe's PDF server (I don't remember what it is called at the moment) or similar 3rd party product. It is also possible to create PDFs using PHP and the appropriate module/class. In the past, I have used PHP to write HTML to a file that was then sent through an HTML2PDF converter program and then back to the web browser as a PDF document. We create timesheets in my department using this method.

-- Richard