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Dreamweaver Killer Tips

Here we go everyone!  The following is a list of Dreamweaver Killer Tips.

1.  ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM... 3 Reason You  Should

  • Tired eyes like bigger text
  • polygon image maps
  • check for pixel perfect alignment

2. Saved Workspace Layouts

  • Save a variety of workspace layouts
  • select the saved workspace layout that fits the tasks at hand
  • note: workspace layouts only manage panels and the Document window, not tool bars

3.  Open Multiple Files (in the Order You Want*)

  •  Ctrl+click (Cmd+click) individual noncontiguous
  • Shift+click once and then a second time to select
    all files between and including the ones you
    selected using Shift+click
  •  Windows only – The order you select the files in is
    the “backwards order” that they will be opened. To
    get your desired order, select the files in reverse
    order of their final opened order.
  • Mac OS X:
    – Ctrl+click the file name shown on the title bar to reveal the folder path to
    the file.
    – Choosing one of the menu entries will take you to it in Finder, whether it
    is a folder or a file.

4.  Using Files in the Programs Configuration

  •  Modifying files in the Program’s Configuration is
    strongly discouraged. Use the User’s
    Configuration for modifying files.
  •  If you can’t find a file in your User’s Configuration,
    make a copy of the file in the Program’s
    Configuration and paste it in the same location in
    your User’s Configuration.

5.  How to Find Your Isers Configuration

  •  Find your User’s Configuration
    – Windows:
    • C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application
    Data\Macromedia\Dreamweaver 8\Configuration
    Note: If you can’t find the Configuration, be sure your folders are set to show hidden files.
    – Mac OS X:
    • Users : [username] : Library : Application Support :
    Macromedia : Dreamweaver 8 : Configuration

6.  Setting Toolbar Visibility

  •  initiallyVisible is an attribute of the <toolbar> tag
  •  Valid values are either true or false
  •  If the initiallyVisible attribute is missing, true is
  •  Change the value of this attribute to show/hide a
    toolbar whenever Dreamweaver automatically
    resets its toolbars

More to Come

More Killer tips to come this week! 


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