Notes on using OutBoard 2.2.x

Richard F. Feuerriegel


Connecting to the OutBoard:


  1. With your web browser, go to the URL given to you by your OutBoard administrator. The URL will be similar to this: .
  2. Login with your OutBoard username and password. This might be your regular system username and password if Basic Authentication is in use.
  3. If you have trouble logging in, contact your OutBoard administrator.


Using the board:


  1. Click the Change button on the upper right to switch to "change" mode.
  2. For your own line, or the line of another person (if the OutBoard is configured to allow this), move the dot by clicking the box that corresponds with the latest time that you will be back. You can also move the dot In and Out.
  3. Set your Remarks by clicking in the remarks area (near the right side), or on the existing remarks if they are present.
  4. Click the View button to switch back to view-only mode.


Using the Report area:


  1. Click on the Report link at the bottom of the window. This will open another, larger browser window.
  2. For non-administrators, their own timesheet report will be displayed for the current pay period
  3. Administrators can also select another user from the User pull-down menu.
  4. Select a pay period from the Pay Period pull-down menu. The current pay period is the default setting.
  5. Click the Show button to show the data for the specified user and time period.
  6. Once the data is displayed, you can click the Create Timesheet button to create a document suitable for printing


Using the Admin area (administrators only):


  1. Click on the Admin link at the bottom of the window.
  2. Click on Add a User to start the process of adding a new user to the OutBoard. The Read Only option allows people to log into the board, but not change anything. They also are not listed on the board. The Admin option makes the user an OutBoard administrator. Use with care.
  3. Click on Edit Users to edit an existing OutBoard user's entry.
  4. Click on Return to OutBoard to go back to the normal view (with dots and remarks.)




  1. People who have not moved their dots or changed remarks in 18 hours (configurable) will be moved "out" automatically.
  2. The board only counts time for the time clock when the dot is In.
  3. Remarks are visually truncated to 20 characters or so (configurable), and an arrow is placed to the right side of the remark. Hover over this arrow with your mouse to see all of the remark in a pop-up message.
  4. You can see who changed a dot or remark by hovering over a user's dot with the mouse. A pop-up message will appear, telling you the person who changed the information, which computer they used, and at what time.