When a knot is not just a knot...try one of these.

Knots for tying polypropylene cord.

Tying two ends together

Knot in end of line

Securing line to post

Cutting rope.

Other knots.

Fisherman's Bend: strength and simplicity
stronger with end secured as shown.

Timber Hitch: useful for hoisting and
towlines without slipping or jamming.

Bowline or Bow Line: for mooring a boat, or any other place where you need a non-tightening knot.

Noose: useful if you're re-enacting colonial America.

Clove Hitch (Builder's Hitch): used by
builders to fasten staging to upright posts.

Sheet Bend (Weaver's Knot): used aboard ships
for joining small or medium sized ropes. Popular also in textile mills for joining threads or yarns.

Fisherman's Knot: probably the strongest known
method of joining fine lines, such a fishing line.

Surgeon's Knot: usually tied with twine. A modified
form of the reef knot. The extra turn taken in the first tie prevents slipping vefore the knot is completed.

Reef Knot (Square Knot): Caution --do NOT use
this knot as a bend (tying two ropes together).

Figure Eight Knot: used at the end of a rope to
temporarily prevent unravelling of the strands.