A better flaring tool. 

Tool Identified!!

The tool is available from Kent-Moore Tools at 800-345-2233. Warning: she's a very expensive beast when purchased new. Keep your eye open for a used one. The tool shown on this page was bought in the sixties in Alabama from a long since forgotten company. Maybe Kent-Moore, maybe not. A quick patent search turned up a similar item under patent number 4068515 if you'd like details which could be helpful in fangling up one in the machine shop.

The Process

1. The tubing is clamped into the appropriate spot with the end of the tubing protruding just barely beyond the clamp itself (practice tells how much).
2. The clamp is slid over the halves. The screw in clamp has a self centering mechanism (a divet) to insure perfect alignment of the clamp over the tubing.
3. ...and securely tightened.
4. The appropriate double flaring die is selected.
5. Whap, whap, tap.
6. Flaring die selected.
7. Whap, whap, tap.
8. Wala!  (ruins the effect with no image of the finished product, eh? Sorry, but it did work.).


Note: the second die is broken. It should have a tip to fit inside a 1/4" line.
and a handy carrying case.


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