"Steam Jenny"  The console w/ pressure gauge. The manufacturer label reads:
Jenny Division
Homestead Industries
Box 348
Coraopolis, PA  15108

The Steam Jenny uses a fairly low pressure water pump, then heats the water to well over 212 deg F. As the water turns to steam it produces a high pressure mix of steam and water. Add a touch of laundry detergent (or special cleaner) and you can clean the greasiest of transmissions in a flash.
The whole thing was once like the bright yellow part, but red paint was available the last time I worked on it. :)
It works like this...
The steel coils used to heat the water are in the main body (1).  The electric motor (2) has a fan which blows
air up thru the main body (1) and also turns a pulley which operates the pumps (3). The pump is double ended
with the left side pumping diesel fuel to fire the burner and the right side pumping water thru the machine. Diesel
fuel is held in the fuel tank (5), and sprayed into the bottom of the body (1). A transformer (4) lights the fuel to heat
the coils. Water is supplied by a garden hose to the mixing tank (6). Note: There was once
a second tank identical to and located next to the fuel tank (5) which held a soap mixture. Rather than fix the soap
tank or the mixing tank (both of which are rusted out), I've been using a bucket and skipping (6) altogether. I'm lazy
and messy...what can I say?
This closeup shows the diesel pump (3a) and the water pump(3b)...
Interesting notes of fangleage:


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