Business Management

Alabama Enterprise Budget Summaries

From AU Department of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology

Alabama enterprise budgets are designed to assist producers, Extension agents, lenders, and others in estimating the potential costs and returns associated with agricultural enterprises in Alabama. Prices and costs are based on the best estimates available from information sources available at the time the budgets were prepared. Because of the wide variety of alternative inputs, locations, and production systems, it is important for you to construct your own budgets and to understand how to use them to make decisions. Blank lines are provided on each budget for producers to estimate their own costs and returns.

Worksheets & Conference Handouts

Budgets are available in .PDF and/or .XLS (Excel). If you use the .PDF format, you will need Acrobat Reader® to view and/or print these budgets. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed as a helper application on your computer or server, it can be downloaded free from

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