Alabama Pesticide Information

Household Pest Control Commercial Applicator Permit Information

For Pesticide Applicators using fumigants in one or more rooms in a structure or to the entire structure to control and eradicate pests.

Those passing examinations as Branch Supervisors can supervise Branch Offices only. You must pass the examination for Certified Operator to into business for yourself or to supervise services from a main office.

No one will be allowed to take examinations unless he or she has: 1) Been previously approved by the Montgomery office, 2) is on the exam list, 3) has the “approval letter” in hand on the exam day, or 4) has an expired Commercial Applicator Permit for recertification.

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# of Questions
Cost of Exam
Household Pest - Certified Operator Exam (or)
Household Pest - Branch Operator Exam

In addition to testing at the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries in Montgomery, Computer-based testing is available on a weekly basis at eight testing sites in the state of Alabama. Cost of exams for this method is $125.00 per exam. You may sign up to take the online exams by visiting; once approved, you will receive an approval email from the Alabama Department of Agriculture.


Study Material Required:

80-1-13 Sales and Use of Pesticides

80-5-1 Standards of Assessment of Civil Penalties

Chapter 28 Title 2  Code of Alabama 1975

Suggested Study Manuals: Truman Guide & The Mallis Handbook of Pest Control


Requirements and Other Forms:


Visit the Alabama Department of Ag Industries website for more information related to training, test dates, and any additional requirements needed to become certified.