Alabama Pesticide Information

Pesticide Misuse

Pesticide misuse and homeland security issues are explained in this presentation.

Labels and Labeling

This is a clear cut presentation, indicating what the label on a pesticide container can tell you, and what you should pay attention to when purchasing pesticides.

Play it Safe with Pesticides (Version 1)

Pesticide safety - understanding the "how" and "why" is crucial. This presentation starts out with the basics.. such as the meaning of the words "pesticide" and "herbicide", then briefs the audience on how to properly store and handle hazardous materials

Play it Safe with Pesticides (Version 2)

Version 2 of "Play it Safe with Pesticides" is the same presentation and version 1, but shorter.

Pesticide Safety: Labels, Toxicology & PPE

Pesticides are chemicals used to destroy, prevent or control pests.  Pests include weeds, diseases, and insects. Pesticides also include chemicals used toregulate plant growth or remove or coat leaves.

Pesticide Application Training

For the convenience of the of the web, this presentation is broken into three sections. Be sure to download all three to have a complete presentation.

Calibration of dry applicators and liquid sprayers

EPA Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Manual Presentations

Download these presentations individually or all together.

Download EPA Pesticide Manual Presentations (25.2 mb)

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