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Tools of the Trade -

Providing the right in-house environment for best bird performance requires using the right tools for the job. The following list includes examples of instruments and gadgets that every serious poultry producer (and certainly all live production personnel) should have, or at least have access to. Note that while brand and supplier names are used, these are given for information only as representative of commercial products and services available, and no endorsement of any company or product over another equivalent product or service is intended or implied. All website hyperlinks are for information purposes only.



Windspeed Meter

Manufacturer - Nielsen-Kellerman

Model - Kestrel 3000

Description - Measures windspeed, humidity, and temperature.

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sp gage

Static Pressure Gauge

Manufacturer - Dwyer

Model - Dwyer 3T315

Description - Static pressure measurement from 0 - .50 inches of water column

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Smoke Emitters

Manufacturer - Regin

Model - Part # S103

Description - come in 10 emitters per box

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Laser Tachometer

Manufacturer - Monarch or equivalent

Model - PLT200

Description - noncontact portable tachometer

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Temperature Gun

Manufacturer - Raytek or equivalent

Model - Minitemp MT4

Description - noncontact portable temperature sensor

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Volt Meter

Manufacturer - Any brand

Model - Any model

Description - tests voltage for a/c electricity


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Light Meter

Manufacturer - Amprobe or equiv.

Model - LM-200LED

Description - LED Light Meter

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Ground Resistance Meter

Manufacturer - AEMC or equiv.

Model - AEMC 3711

Description - Clamp on ground resistance meter.

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ammonia tester Gas Detection Tube

Manufacturer - RAE Systems

Model - Dragger Tube

Description - 888-723-8823 cartridge part # 10-100-10 for Ammonia

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