Slippery Elm
Ulmus rubra

Family Ulmaceae
Genus Ulmus
Specific Epithet rubra
Arboretum Collection LT
Lifecycle large deciduous tree
Fall Color yellow
Size to 21 meters
Bloom Time before leaves
Flower red brown to purplish clusters
Bark gray-brown with interlacing ridges
Leaf Size 15 cm long 6 cm wide
Leaf Margin Serrated
Leaf Arrangement Alternate
Leaf Type Simple
Description Fruit round samara. Leaves scabrous. Twigs zig zag with red pubescence. Gets its name from the slick feeling of the inner bark.
Cultural Requirements Shade tolerant and found on a variety of sites.
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Slippery elm leaf

Slippery elm leaf

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Slippery bark of the slippery elm

Slippery bark of the slippery elm

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