Yucca filamentosa

Family Agavaceae
Genus Yucca
Specific Epithet filamentosa
Arboretum Collection
Lifecycle perrenial
Fall Color evergreen
Size 1 to 2'
Bloom Time May to June
Flower Yellow
Bark n/a
Leaf Size 1 to 2 1/2' long x 1 1/2-4" wide
Leaf Margin Entire
Leaf Arrangement Alternate
Leaf Type Simple
Description Rigid leaves tightly whorled forming a basal clump on the ground. Leaf margin fraying into filamentous strands.
Cultural Requirements Occurs further inland than Y. gloriosa, occupying woodlands as well as well drained sandy and sunny sites.
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Yucca filamentosa leaves

Yucca filamentosa leaves

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