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You have reached the home of the OutBoard, a web-based office IN/OUT board program. This program is written in PHP (php.net), and uses the Apache Web server (apache.org), as well as the MySQL database server (mysql.com), to simulate the famous (or infamous :-) office boards that show if people are in or out of the office.

The current version is: 2.2.8   [Download]     (Updated 2020-10-16)

See the Basic Instructions for using the OutBoard.

Features of the OutBoard:

  • Intuitive, web-based user interface
  • Multi-user, with administration area
  • Internal or web server-based password authentication
  • Dot positions: In, Out, and 8am-5pm return times
  • All changes are logged with timestamp, username, and IP address
  • Timeclock reports for users, along with timesheet generation
  • Many configurable options such as title, colors, update rates, etc.
  • Remarks area for each user, with anti-wrapping feature
  • Automatic dot movement to "out" for idle users after a specified time
  • Best of all, it's FREE!

Screenshots of the program in a production environment are below. Click on a thumbnail image to view the full size version:


Basic look of the Outboard

Entering a remark

Timeclock Report

Timesheet, HTML format

Timesheet, optional PDF
(not included in package)

Main Admin screen

Admin screen, user list

Admin screen, user edit
The program (server side) has been tested on RedHat Linux, Fedora, and Sun Solaris. It is reported to work on MacOSX and Microsoft IIS. Although not tested by myself on other server platforms, it should work as long as your software meets the requirements listed in the Readme file. Please note that PDF generation of timeclock reports is not an integral (or supported) part of this program, but has been accomplished in at least one installation via an HTML to PDF converter.

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