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The Cattleman's Supplemental Feed Library

This library provides definitions, nutritional information, and feeding considerations for many commonly used feedstuffs in the cattle industry in Alabama. Click on a feed ingredient below to find out more information:

Whole Grains

Corn (Info card)

Wheat (Info card)

Oats (Info card)

Sorghum (milo) (Info card)

Byproduct Feeds

Citrus pulp (pelleted/loose) (Info card)

Corn gluten feed (pelleted/loose) (Info card)

Whole cottonseed (Info card)

Cottonseed meal (Info card)

Cottonseed hulls (Info card)

Cotton mote (Info card)

Gin trash (Info card)

Hominy (Info card)

Whole peanuts (Info card)

Peanut skins (Info card)

Peanut hulls (Info card)

Soybean hulls (Info card)

Soybean meal (Info card)

Whole soybeans (Info card)

Wheat middlings (Info card)

Rice bran (Info card)

Rice mill feed (Info card)


Dicalcium phosphate (Info card)

Limestone (Info card)

Prepared by Kim Mullenix, Extension Beef Cattle Systems Specialist, and Katie Bivens, Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Animal Sciences, Auburn University, Auburn, AL.



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