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Beef Systems Management Resources

Cattle production is a complex system that requires an understand of land, plant, and animal management resources. The following resource were developed to help farmers getting started in the beef industry better understand sustainable resource management practices in Alabama.


Systems Defined

ANR-2284 Systems Approach to Beef Production - Developing a Basic Management Plan


ANR-2440 Forage Systems for Cow-Calf Operations in North Alabama

ANR-2432 Forage Systems for Cow-Calf Operations in South Alabama


ANR-2381 Drinking Water for Livestock

ANR-2436 Water Requirements for Beef Cattle


ANR-2415 Beef Herd Management Strategies

ANR-2488 Beef Cattle Record Keeping


ANR-2437 Climate Effects on Forage and Beef Production in Alabama


ANR-2435 Planning to Make a Cow-Calf Profit

Videos on Systems Management

Water - The Benefits of Forage Ground Cover on Infiltration and Reducing Runoff

Water - The Benefits of Good Water Quality for Livestock

Climate - Undestanding the Difference in El Nino and La Nina Weather Patterns

Economics: Top Ways to Improve Profitability in Beef Operations


Join us on the second Wednesday of each month at 10 AM CDT to learn more about soil, forage, water, and economic management strategies in beef cattle operations at the following link:

Animal Science and Forage Webinar Series

These resources were created with the support of the USDA Southern SARE Granting Agency.