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Alabama Soybeans

The Alabama Soybean Web page provides easy access to information for the soybean clientele in the southeastern United States. Following are links that will take you to information about all aspects of growing soybeans.

2017 Alabama Soybean 100 Bushel Yield Challenge

100 Bushel Contest Entry Form
Contest Details
2017 $10,000 Soybean 100 Bushel Yield Contest Harvest Report Form

2016 Performance of Soybean Cultivars
Soybean Research Report 2016
Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station soybean publications
Alabama Cooperative Extension Station soybean publications
Crop Updates & Newsletters
Soybean Rust information
Timely information
Agricultural statistics
Pesticide Labels and MSDS Information
Crop protection reference (Green-Book)
Ag chem information services
Soybean Organizations
American Soybean Association
United Soybean Board
Alabama Soybean Producers
Soybean Marketing and Prices
Chicago Board of Trade Soybeans Futures
ACES Weather & Climate Information
DD60 information

We would like to thank the Alabama Soybean producers and state, federal, and private funding sources for enabling us to continue to serve the soybean producers of thestate.

For more information contact:

  • Dennis Delaney, Extension Specialist
    Extension Hall
    Auburn University, AL 36849

  • ¬†Ed Sikora, Extension Plant Pathologist
    Entomology & Plant Pathology
    ALFA Building
    Auburn University, AL 36849