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The Alabama soybean rust Web page provides information about surveillance, reporting, prediction, and management of soybean rust for the 2005 growing season.

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The USDA recently launched a web site ( From this page you can link to the USDA Public Soybean Rust site ( This site contains maps for observations, recommendations and scouting information controlled by state soybean specialists.

The American Phytopathological Society (APS), in conjunction with the Plant Management Network (PMN) and other scientific organizations, launched an online soybean rust center at (

"This site is the one-stop center for information on soybean rust," said Doug Jardine, director of the APS Office of Public Affairs and Education and chair of the PMN Soybean Rust Steering Committee.

The site offers breaking news on soybean rust; links to featured soybean rust sites; information on the identification and management of soybean rust as well as links to university and extension sites.

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