Alabama Forages

Alabama Hay and Pasture Weed Control

Joyce A. Tredaway

Extension Weed Specialist and Assistant Professor
Crop, Soil and Environmental Science


Control options by Weed Species

Cogongrass: Threatening Alabama

Cogongrass Fall Treatment Options

Cogongrass: Flowering and Spring Control Options

Cogongrass look-a-likes and other invasive plant updates (ppt/PDF)

Control Options for Chinese Privet

Macartney rose (Rosa bracteata) Control update

Thistle Control for Pastures: It's time to get cracking!

Tropical Soda Apple (Solanum viarum) Identification and Control

Invasive Plants (ppt/PDF)

Controlling Summer Weeds in Pastures and Hayfields (Video)

Controlling Wood Plants in Pastures and Hayfields (Video)

Soil Applied Herbicides for Woody Plant Control in Pastures (Video)

Control options by Forage Species

Alfalfa: Insect and Weed Control (IPM-0978)

Use of Fire in Bermudagrass Management (ANR-989)

Changes to Prowl H2O Label in Forages (Frequently Asked Questions)

Prowl H2O for Weed Control in Perennial Warm Season Pastures and Hay Fields

Pastora for Weed Control in Bermudagrass Hayfields (Frequently Asked Questions)

Facet L herbicide: Frequently Asked Questions


Calibration, Calculation, and Application Methods

The 1/128 Calibration Method for Backpack Sprayers and Hand Gun sprayers

Calculating herbicide amounts to add to backpack or hand sprayers

Backpack and Hangun Sprayer Foliar Herbicide Treatment for Invasive Plants in Pastures, Natural Areas, and Forests

Basal Bark Herbicide Treatment for Invasive Plants in Pastures, Natrual Areas, and Forests

Cut Stump Herbicide Treatment for Invasive Plants in Pastures, Natural Areas, and Forests

Retail Garden Store Herbicide Choices for Invaisve Plant Control for Homeowners

IPM Guides and Other useful resources

Alabama Pest Management Handbook (ANR-0500-A)(ANR-0500-B)
Alabama IPM Communicator Newsletter
General Pesticide Information (IPM-1295)
Pasture and Forage Crops: Insect and Weed Control (IPM-0028)

Poisonous Plants of the Southeastern United States (ANR-975)